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  1. Yoga Dice
    New Yoga Dice
    Now $12.99 Was $15.99
  2. Farkle
    New Farkle
    Now $6.99 Was $10.99
  3. Math Dice Jr
    New Math Dice Jr
    Now $9.99 Was $11.99
  4. Pass the Pigs
    New Pass the Pigs
    Now $11.99 Was $15.99
  5. Tic-Tac-Toad
    New Tic-Tac-Toad
    Now $24.99 Was $29.99
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Indoor Kids Games

Lillian Vernon has lots of fun little kid games to keep your children entertained for hours! From board games to puzzles, you'll find everything on your child's wish list. Our collection of indoor kid games and toys will brighten any little one's day! We have a huge selection of boys and girl's toys, some which can be personalized for a special gift. Browse all of our fun items, and be sure to check out Lillian Vernon's toys for kids to find the perfect gifts for all the other kiddos you know.