Luxe Gifts

Personalized Spiegelau crystal wine glassware pieces that are formed by the hands of Bavarian artisans whose
legacy dates back more than 500 years. Personalized charcuterie boards crafted from warm, solid walnut that are
made for artfully serving decadent meats and cheeses. Candles and diffusers fragrant with the essence of
tuberose that create a warm ambiance in any space. These are just a few of the unique, luxury gifts from
Lillian Vernon's new group of high-end personalized products, the Luxe Gifts collection.

Luxe Gifts is the high-end gifts extension of the Lillian Vernon brand, in honor of our 70th anniversary.
We celebrate the story that began in 1951, when our brave 24-year-old founder started a mail-order business
selling personalized handbags and belts out of her kitchen, through an ad in Seventeen magazine.
We are excited to continue her legacy.