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Lilly's Toy Box offers all of your kids' favorite toys that spark imagination including fun games and puzzles, dolls, plush toys, pretend play dress-up, and arts and crafts for the creative and playful minds. Shop by age range or by type to find the perfect toy gift that they will love. You'll find unique kids toys to meet your kid’s favorite theme including animal and dinosaur toys for boys and dolls and accessories for girls. We make finding a specialized kid’s gift a breeze by presenting kid’s personalized gifts in easy searchable groups.

Having a hard time finding a special gift for a baby or toddler? Find soft, plush toys you can personalize with their name on it for cuddling and have as a keepsake item.

Play dress-up and let them imagine they are princes and princesses or help them pretend they are doctors, chefs - or anything they want to imagine with our Pretend Play toys..

Our selection of Educational Toys will help kids learn how to tell time, colors, count, the alphabet, and more all while having fun! Shop our toys by age range collections — Baby to 4 Years and Kids 5-11 Years and let them know how special they are.