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Core strengthening revs your balance and stability—at any age! If you’re 55+, core exercise for older men and women is essential to overall health. Without a strong core, risks of injuries from falls are more likely. The Nucleus Core Pro is an adaptive core training system that generates muscle stimulation creating a more solid base that improves performance and daily function while helping to prevent falls and reduce back pain. 

Building muscle and developing a solid core is more challenging as we age. So, shifting away from higher-impact exercises and engaging in gentler, more innovative forms of core strengthening, like using the Nucleus Core Pro, is ideal for those 55+. Designed to have ZERO impact on joints, the Nucleus Core Pro activates more than 80% of your body’s muscles while limiting the impact on your joints and spine—making it a perfect core exercise for older men and women –it can be life-changing! 

Keeping your foundation strong ensures that as you get older, everything outward, like reaching, turning, bending, or lifting something, is supported. Nucleus Core Pro is a new method of core exercise for older men and women that is fun, easy, and a great way to help build core muscles after 55 and keep active! 

Nucleus Core Pro is not a weight. Instead, it’s filled with a unique liquid blend, Liquid Impact Force Technology (LIFT), that generates massive muscle stimulation in just one daily workout. Intentionally created to be light and compact so you can move it as fast as possible or slowly, whichever is most comfortable for you. 

If you’re 55+ and looking for the perfect core exercise for older men and women, it’s time to invest in yourself! The Nucleus Core Pro is convenient to use alone in front of the mirror, at the office, or get social and start your own in-person or virtual exercise group! 

Rubber, high-density Polyethylele (HDPE) Plastic, 15 x 4 x 12”. 

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