Monogrammed Courant Charging Block

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Our low-profile Personalized Courant Charging Blocks are the ideal electronic accessory to save space on nightstands, end tables, office desks, and countertops. These wireless charger blocks are fully wrapped with durable, high-quality Italian-sourced leather for a soft, elegant look, and their weighted, nonslip construction keeps them in place.  

Convenient, covert, and cutting-edge, courant wireless charger blocks make great gifts for new homeowners, first-time apartment dwellers, and college students.  

The CATCH:1 courant wireless charger block features QI-Certified fast wireless charging, single-device charging, and up to 10W wireless output. Includes a USB C input cable. Premium Italian-sourced leather, high-grade matte aluminum alloy, approx. 4x4”. 

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