Checkered Chewy Vuiton Handbag Toy

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Dog owners enjoy pampering their four-legged best friends. One of the best ways to pamper your pooch is to treat them to the activity that makes them happiest. No doubt, dogs love to chew! Our Checker, Chewy Vuiton Handbag chew toy for dogs by Haute Diggity Dog is a great way to indulge your dog or pup while keeping them happily busy and active for hours.

Made of a soft, plush exterior with a squeaky inside, this stylish designer parody plush chew toy for dogs will make other dog moms and dads jealous. The handbag every woman wants is now a trending chew toy for dogs, and a fun way to pamper your canine. Every dog should have one! Measures 6” long.

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