Big Gem Stepping Stones

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From plaster and protective masks to mixing trays, coloring dyes, and all kinds of sparkling embellishments, this DIY stepping stone kit has everything you need to create & customize two 9-inch stones from scratch. Mix'em, mold 'em, watch 'em shine! Enough sparkling embellishments for two 9" stones. Display only.

EASY-TO-USE GEM FRAME & 3 VIBRANT DYES: Place the foam shape inside the provided modling tray, add gemstones on top, then fill with plaster -- get creative and mix & match red, blue, and purple dyes to create marbled or tie-dye patterns!

PEEL-TO-REVEAL YOUR DESIGNS: Once your stepping stone dries, remove it from the frame and peel off the foam shape to reveal a magical, sparkling unicorn or butterfly design inside! 

FOR DISPLAY ONLY: Place your stepping stones in indoor potted plants, terrariums, or outdoor gardens -- just be sure to apply an exterior varnish from home to protect them from the elements. 


  • 1 Silver glitter glue Tube (6ml.)
  • 3 Bags of plaster (1lb. each)
  • 1 Pair of protective gloves
  • 1 Protective mask
  • 1 Mixing stick
  • 3 Coloring dyes
  • 240 Colorful acrylic gemstones
  • 2 Foam shapes
  • 2 Molding trays (1 butterfly, 1 unicorn)
  • 9" x 0.75" x 7"
  • Easy to follow instructions 
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