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Having difficulty locating a particular item? These tips may help you find just what you're looking for! Please note, although our online product selection is always growing, not all items featured in our catalogs can be viewed within our online store.


Enter keywords, one or more, that best describe what you're searching for. For example: If you search for "bag," your search results may include "school bags," "backpacks," "luggage," "pocketbooks," and "duffel bags." Keyword search will provide you with a broad range of products.

Singular/Plural Keyword

The search will automatically find plural words that end in "s" when you enter the singular form. For example, entering the keyword "shirt" will find both "shirt" and "shirts." Entering the keyword "shirts" will only find "shirts."

Multiple Keywords

Typing multiple keywords will narrow your search. Your search results will only include products that match all of the keywords you enter. For example: If you search for "kids shirt," you will find only shirts for children.

Wild Card

There is no need for a wild card character. Your search results will automatically include words that begin with the letters you type. For example, entering the keyword "bed" will find "bedding" as well.

Site Map

If you're not sure what you are looking for and need some assistance, go to our Site Map. Here you can browse our categories by occasion, person/relationship, and dollar amount.

Catalog Shortcut

If you have a Lillian Vernon catalog and cannot locate an item within our online store, simply enter the catalog item number in the "Order From the Catalog" option.