Mini Everlasting Hair Bands

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Want an accessory for your child that is as durable as it is eco-chic? Look no further! These everlasting hairbands from Vere® will carry your little one from classroom to playground and everything in between. Made from a non-toxic biodegradable material called TPU, they are bacteria resistant as well as waterproof. Gentle for all hair types and snag proof. They will not break from daily use (can withstand over 30lbs of tension) and come with a one-year warranty guarantee. The strong grip and stunning shades are sure to add that extra pop your child’s next stylish outfit needs! Keeping an eye on eco- and health- consciousness, Vere® products are not only good for us, but good for the world as well. /vair-a/ as in, you are Vere beautiful!

  • Everlasting kids’ hairbands from Vere®. Made of non-toxic biodegradable TPU material.
  • Snag proof with a strong grip gentle enough for all hair types. Bacteria resistant.
  • Waterproof and will not break from daily use. One-year warranty guarantee.
  • 5 hairbands in each pack. Vibrant eco-chic color blend.
  • Good for your child and the world as well. Stylish addition to any outfit.
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