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unique off the registry wedding gifts

Unique Off the Registry Wedding Gifts

Weddings are a beautiful time of new beginnings but for the guest they present a challenge— finding awesome and unique wedding gifts. For some, it’s as easy as choosing to buy something listed on the bridal registry. But the registry is not for everyone. Unique off the registry gifts are just the thing for the special occasions and close friends!

If you just can’t bring yourself to go the traditional route with crystal candlesticks or cash, why not go with one-of-a-kind personalized gifts instead?  Personalized gifts show the happy couple how much you care and provide a lasting keepsake that they’ll always appreciate.


Unique Wedding Gifts:

Established Plaque

They may have forgotten to put it on the registry but an “established” plaque is decorative, meaningful, and reminds every one of the special day.

Word Art Canvas

There is never a risk of duplicating a wedding gift with a thoughtful word art canvas. Personalize it with meaningful words and phrases for a personal and unique wedding gift.

Honeymoon Gift

If you’re favorite couple is heading off to a honeymoon after the wedding, consider purchasing a unique experience for them. This could be a simple message for the newlyweds, scuba diving or deep sea fishing opportunity. Sometimes experiences are more memorable than something off their wedding registry!

Personalized Stemware

Beautiful stemware always comes in handy, but personalized stemware takes the traditional to a new level.

Home Improvement

If your newlyweds just purchased a home that needs some work, consider a home improvement gift card or specific item. Since people can’t register at Lowes and the like, they may really love an off the registry gift!


If the couple has a passion, purchase them something they will be passionate about. A few examples:

  • Camping Gear
  • Biking Gear
  • Travel Accessories
  • Exclusive memberships
  • Yoga Retreat

Personalized Cookie Jar

Simple yet thoughtful, a cookie jar personalized with exclusive wording is sure to be a hit. Even better? Fill it with some delicious treats!

Photo Gifts

If you have access to photos of important moments of the couple together, take those pictures and create a one-of-a-kind gift. From jewelry to custom canvases, you can’t go wrong.

Weddings are monumental occasions, both in importance and the amount of planning that goes on before the big day. While toasters are totally cool, there are many other options out there that couples cherish or would find useful, but just never thought or had time to include on the registry. Going off the registry grid can open a new world of options in unique wedding gifts, from the traditional to the creative, and help celebrate their big day in a way that is sure to be remembered.

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