Back to School Checklist
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Ultimate Back to School Checklist

Hair cut? Check! New clothes? Check! Fill the backpack? Ugh.

If you’re not sure what your little one needs to take to school, let our ultimate back to school checklist move you to the head of the class.

After a summer filled with fun and sun, it can be difficult to remember all the back to school supplies your child needs in elementary school. We can help!

Daily School Supplies

There are a few key essentials to stock up on before the first bell rings. Of course supplies vary by grade, but some items are needed by every young student. Stock up on:

  • Notebooks, folders and loose leaf paper: Choose colorful options printed with novelty designs and favorite cartoon characters to keep kids interested in their homework.
  • Electronic storage devices (USB flash drive, portable hard drives): Pick out comical options shaped like crayons or kittens.
  • Pens and pencils: Make writing utensils unique by having them inscribed with positive messages or the child’s nickname.
  • Lunch box or bag: Don’t forget to also get ice packs in the shapes of sport balls or flowers to make meal time extra enticing.

Arts and Crafts

If there’s one area of back to school supplies your little one loves to pick out, it’s the items needed for creative time. Here’s an idea of which items should land in your shopping cart.

  • Crayons and markers: Look for coloring tools that offer swirls of multiple colors with each stroke or uncommon hues, such as neon or pastels.
  • Glue or glue sticks: Make craft projects even more fun by picking out glue that changes color when it dries. This makes it easy for students to keep the glue in the lines and see when the project has fully dried.
  • Ruler, pencil sharpener and safety scissors: These classic tools are so much cooler when they’re in the shape of an animal, such as an alligator, dog or owl.

Shared Classroom Items

Many teachers, especially in younger grades, ask children to bring an item to share with the entire class throughout the school year. Check your class supply list to see if any of these items are needed by your child’s classroom.

  • Facial tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Moist hand wipes
  • Non-perishable snacks

A Mighty Backpack

And of course your student needs a great backpack to haul everything safely to school.  Make sure you have a durable backpack to withstand the daily abuse of a kid. Look for one with extra pockets, metal zippers and padded shoulders.

We adore the sporty Race Car 3-D Backpack and funky Peace Sign Messenger Bag. Both can be personalized with your child’s name to make the school year extra special.

Tell us: What are you most excited to put in your child’s backpack? Comment below!

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  • Lori Lopez

    I want my daughter to have a great backpack and supplies for pre-k

  • Casey Mclendon

    I think you have most of it covered here! Logan’s favorite is his pencil/ crayon box!

  • paula s

    Thanks we are starting our back to school shopping now.

  • Suzanne

    A piece of paper with emergency contacts and their address if they are just starting school

  • http://Facebook Terri Giesken

    I have ordered my grandchildren gifts from Lillian Vernon before. They are always a hit at birthday parties. I would love to win one for my oldest grandson who is starting pre-school this year.

  • Christine Meehan

    All fun things for school. My grand kids will love.

  • Serena Adkins

    I am most excited to pack his lunch box in his book bag with notes from mommy!

  • Heather Hollands

    A note from auntie and some cool school supplies for kindergarten.

  • Gina Anderegg Samm

    I am helping my Granddaughter with her school supplies this year. This is very helpful!

  • Dixie Neitzel

    There are so many neat school supplies I can hardly pick!!

  • Katharyn Wilson Wheeler

    I usually put in a note for the teacher their first week wishing them luck and offering to help.

  • Kim Benjamin Soltys

    Back to school cookies!

  • reg luc

    I like this list! Makes me feel a tiny overwhlemed

  • Debbie Wingate

    I love the lists, would love to help great nieces and nephews get ready for school this year, this would help! Thanks for the ideas.

  • Charity

    Her stuff for swim team!

  • Hernan N Lisa Diaz

    Note in my kids lunch box saying I Love You!

  • Devin B

    Something fun

  • Sharon Smithling

    cute things for the first day of school

  • Marcia Belknap

    Hand Sanitizer

  • david

    hope to win for the kids there uncle like to help out :)

  • Claudia Rodriguez

    Healthy snacks

  • Evan Rollins

    Hand sanitzer

  • Joann Bally

    Hand Sanitzer :)

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