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Better than an Apple- School Teacher Gifts that Rock

Better than an Apple… School Teacher Gifts that Rock

Teachers are entrusted with one of the hardest and most valuable jobs in the world.

Education is not just about the “three R’s”; it is about building the future of a nation— and that’s pretty important. Teachers are terrific, and deserve our appreciation all year long, but finding significant way to show it can be difficult. One way to show the teacher in your life that they matter is by giving personalized gifts.

If you are looking for affordable ways to show that they matter, personalized gifts for teachers are perfect for showing the depths of your appreciation.

Here are some fun gift ideas for teachers that they are sure to love!

Gift of Inspiration

We all know how easy it is to become discouraged. Why not provide some lasting encouragement it the form of a hardcover, personalized book filled with encouragement? Whatever You Are, Be a Good One  is a hand lettered book filled with inspirational quotes from people like Oscar Wilde, Joan of Arc, and Harriet Tubman.

From the Class

A custom Scrapbook is another perfect way to thank teachers for all of their efforts. Each page can be crafted by a student, showing off their personality.

Organizational Tools

Managing a year’s worth of lesson plans is difficult for anyone. Why not make the job easier with a personalized lesson planner? Use the tools to create a custom signature binder that will be a daily reminder of your appreciation.

Treat Jar

No classroom is complete without some incentives, and there is no better place to keep them than in an awesome personalized treat jar.  The glass ½ gallon jar is perfect for keeping incentives visible and holds enough rewards for an entire class of eager learners.

Keep it Close

Every teacher appreciates things to help them stay organized, so why not give a gift that helps them keep important tools close at hand? Lillian Vernon’s exclusive desk organizer is ideal for keeping everything from notepads and calculators to scissors right where they need them.

Beyond-a Bag Tote

You know those times when you wish your tote held… just… a …. little ….bit… more? The stylish Beyond-A-Bag Demi Expandable Tote expands to nearly double the size with just one quick zip. Choose from two styles and specify three letters for the monogram for the personalized touch.

Remind them that Summer is Near

There is no better way to add some sunshine to a teacher’s day than to remind that that a well-deserved break is just around the corner.  Of all the personalized gift ideas for teachers, these might be best of all.  Personalized flip flops are a fun way to take their mind to a sunny and deserted shore.

Teachers deserve our appreciation all year, and with theses gift ideas for teachers, you can make that happen.

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