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Show your Love to the Special Woman in Your Life This Mother’s Day

Most of us are lucky enough to have a wonderful mom in our lives. If we’re extra lucky, we have one or two honorary moms, too. Teachers, older neighbors and other women who’ve taken us under their wings serve as honorary mothers, and add to our lives with their positive influence. Mother’s Day is the perfect time of year to say “thank you” to the special women in your life who’ve made a difference and made you feel like you’re someone special.

Ways to Appreciate the Other Mothers Who’ve Influenced You

  • Write a Note. Emails, texts and Tweets have all but led us to forget about hand-written letters. Yet a “thank you” note written by hand shows that you’ve taken the time and thought to express your appreciation in a way that can be re-read and remembered for many years.
  • The Gift of Time. As women grow older, family and friends become increasingly important. This Mother’s Day, give the gift of time by arranging to spend an afternoon, breakfast or evening with your honorary mother. Even if it’s not on Mother’s Day, she’ll treasure the time spent with you.
  • Deliver a Special Gift. Whether your honorary mother is nearby or across the country, you can show your appreciation for all she’s done with a special, personalized gift. A personalized plaque, mug, cutting board or cookie jar will remind her of you throughout the year.
  • Do Something Reciprocal. Lend a hand by planting flowers, getting the patio ready for spring or raking last autumn’s leaves from the yard. It will feel good to give back to someone who’s given so much to you.

Plan Ahead for Mother’s Day

Springtime is here, which means that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Take some time today to find the ideal “thank you” for your honorary mother. You’ll the enjoy having the opportunity to make her feel as special as she’s often made you feel.

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