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Post-Christmas Decoration Ideas

Post-Christmas Decoration Ideas to Keep Your Home Bright til Spring

Your home looks merry and bright when it’s decorated for Christmas. Don’t pack your home’s cheerfulness in the attic with the holiday decor. Instead, keep your home looking bright when you implement several post Christmas decoration ideas that incorporate holiday decor items and keep your home looking bright all winter.


Popular any time of year, candles light up your home as they create a homey and welcoming feeling. Whether the temperatures outside hover near zero or remain balmy, create an inviting ambiance when you place a few candles in each room. Color coordinate both the candles and the decorative holders with the room, and stock matches as you keep your home bright until spring.


Twinkling lights do more than decorate your tree. They also create a bright and cheerful atmosphere in your home. As you combat cabin fever, string strands of Christmas lights along the wall of your reading nook, on your bedroom headboard and around your family game room. Use them to brighten up your home all winter.

Decorative Throws

It’ll be cold for a few more month, so decorative your living areas with comfy blankets and matching decor. Try using warm colors that coordinate with your candles or pillows.


Your live tree won’t stay healthy until spring, but you can use other greenery to give your home a beautiful and bright appearance all season. Consider purchasing a new fern, lavender or rosemary plant. These not only make your home more welcoming- they will leave a comforting scent until you can open your windows. Also consider arranging pine cones and dried fruit in a bowl as a table centerpiece. Use a mini tree as the start of an indoor fairy garden. With these greenery ideas, your home maintains its winter beauty and brightness.

Christmas may be over, but your home can remain bright until spring. Combine your holiday decorations and Lillian Vernon home decor accents in creative ways throughout your home as you maintain its inviting brightness and combat the blues all winter.

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