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Personalized Housewarming Gifts for a First Time Homebuyer

Personalized Housewarming Gifts for a First Time Homebuyer

Personalized house warming gifts for first time homebuyers are a joy to give and receive! Since purchasing a first home is such a large and exciting moment in everyone’s lives, celebrating it should reflect the love you have for one another.

While simple pictures frames, casseroles and liquor are always welcomed, here are unique ideas for personalized housewarming gifts:

Personalized Bar Accessories

If your new homeowners are passionate about craft beer, wine or hosting celebrations, consider getting them bar accessories. This could be simple things like home state pint glasses, personalized martini glasses or a Mini Whiskey Barrel.

Contribution Cookbook

An inexpensive gift idea is a contribution cookbook. Ask friends, family and co-workers to contribute their favorite recipe on a recipe card. Bind them together with the date and family name for a personal cookbook- made by their friends.

Wall Décor

Whether you’re the new homeowners are young, old, trendy or traditional you’ll be able to find art or wall décor to match their home. Browse some casual and fun canvas wall prints or family plaques for gift ideas!

Home Improvement

Many homeowners have had years to collect plates, dishes and décor, but if this is their first home, they might need some basic fixing-up. Consider a home improvement store gift card or gardening tools. They’ll always think of you when spending time on their new patio.

Storage Solutions

Many old homes have character which is why they appeal to younger folks. Unfortunately, most old homes also lack adequate closets and storage space.  If you’re a DIYer you can build one of these impressive Pinterest solutions. If you want something a bit easier, browse these simple solutions for ideas.

Your new homebuyers will soon feel right at home with one of these great gift ideas.

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