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How to Organize your Independent Scholar for Success!

Managing all the moving parts of the school day can be a tough task, especially for kids who have other priorities, like friends or sports.

That’s why it is so important to put organizational tools and practices in place to help facilitate academic success — and the best part about getting organized is that those tools can be as exciting and fun as they are beneficial. The great thing about getting organized is that there are so many neat back-to-school tools and ideas to make it a blast!

Here are our top ideas for setting your student up for success:

Color code supplies according to subject.

Choose one color of book covers, binders, and folders per subject, or use different colored painter’s tape to label the spine of each item. This makes it quick and easy to grab what you need when you need it.

Leave nothing to chance.

Never assume your student knows how or wants to stay organized, no matter their age. Make it easy and make it a habit. Have a generous number of folders per subject and label them with the specifics of workflow, like “assignments” and “homework”.

Keep it fun and exciting.

Get personalized backpacks, pencil cases, and other supplies to help stay organized, give a work space its own flair, and to keep students motivated.

Use magazine files or small crates to help organize lockers. 

Magazine files can help a student keep books and folders separate and accessible in a small space. Crates are a great option when the student needs more shelf space.

Have a designated homework area

This will ensure that work does not get scattered!

Use desk organizers at home

You’ll never find that crumpled paper under the bed that was due last month. Choose colorful and exciting organizers that your student will want to use.

A dry erase board 

This is a wonderful tool to place in the locker or home. Use them to write daily reminders for assignments or after school activities.

Have more than one “Back-to-School” 

Renew your student’s enthusiasm by changing supplies once or twice a year. A new backpack, personalized pencils, folders and fresh organizers can keep students encouraged and motivated to say organized as well as reinvigorate them for the tasks ahead.

Gone are the days when the all you need to rock back-to-school organization were a few Pechee folders and a Trapper Keeper.  Students today manage more classes and activities than ever before, so staying organized is a top priority.

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