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How to Make Your Home Feel Like Spring

How to Make Your Home Feel Like Spring Has Arrived!

Birds may be chirping and flowers may be blooming outside, but your home’s interior may still feel a bit like a wintry dungeon. Break your home free of its winter woes with a few quick tips that makes it feel like spring has arrived in all its glory.

Let in the light.

Letting in the light can be as simple as opening those heavy curtains you used all winter to keep out the cold. Go one better and trade your heavy curtains for a lightweight, gauzy set or dangle colorful sun catchers in front of the glass. Go all out by giving your most prominent windows a quick cleaning so the sun can really shine its way in.

Stow away your winter wares.

Haul away the hefty comforters and dark throw rugs and replace them with lighter, brighter substitutes. Spruce up the area in front of your kitchen or bathroom sink with a rug showcasing a sweet floral design for instant springtime impact.

Organize your clutter.

Your home will instantly feel fresher and lighter with a bit of creative organization. Spring is the perfect time to dust and organize your bookshelves and pack up your winter boots, coats, hats and scarves.

Delight in fresh flowers.

A dazzling bouquet of daffodil, daisies or lilies adds an instant burst of spring fragrance and color to your kitchen. Pick up a bouquet of cut flowers at your supermarket, or swing by your nearest nursery for potted flowers you can keep inside until the weather turns warmer.

Get cheery with spring decor.

Spring decor is cheery decor, and even a little cheer goes a long way for transforming your home into a seasonal sensation. Invest in a few key pieces that can brighten your home year after year, such as a vibrant flower or butterfly wreath, a dashing new welcome mat or a bright canvas print to perk up the entrance or hallway. Check out the cheery spring decor at Lillian Vernon to brighten your home today.

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