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How to Give Your Patio a Face Lift This Spring

Spring brings a new beginning each year, and what better place to start yours than out on your patio? Enjoy everything this season has to offer, and have fun in the process. There are two basic steps to giving your patio a face lift. First, a good spring cleaning and second, add some fun, decorative touches.


Start by removing whatever debris has accumulated on your patio over the winter. Most likely you’ll have to deal with some old, dead leaves, bits of branches, and similar things. Sweep them away and then hose down your patio to remove the dust and dirt the broom couldn’t get. If you have patio furniture, set it to one side while you clean, then put it back in place when everything is ready.

Adding Decor

Now you’re ready for the fun part that happens when you give your patio a personal touch. Find some great decorations that really speak to you; use bold, bright touches like colorful butterflies and birds on the walls, and hang up some wind chimes from your awning or a nearby tree so you can enjoy some gentle music while you relax.

Get the whole family involved by letting everyone pick their favorite. Each person can say what they’d like to use to give patio face lift changes meaning for them. You don’t have to limit your effort to a single design or just one area, either. Mix up birds, butterflies, and flowers in one section of the wall to create a bright garden behind your patio that reflects the beauty of the rest of your yard.

Set the Mood

Don’t forget: your patio isn’t just for daytime. A couple of citronella candles or torches and some long-burning LED lanterns can make your springtime patio a cool, pleasant spot for the rest of the season. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Add the touches that you like and enjoy!

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