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Getting Your Kid Pumped for School May be Easier Than you Think

Back-to-school is always met with a mixture of emotions, like fear, apprehension, and excitement. While you might not be able to completely eliminate the fear and apprehension that goes with back-to-school, you can pump up the excitement and help the kids in your life shake off the jitters.

Going back to school can be a hard transition from carefree summertime activities. That’s why it’s so important to make that transition as fun as possible. Here are 5 great ways to help your youngster get pumped about back-to-school.

Take Them School Shopping for a Fun Outfit

Even kids like to dress for success, even if that means a great pair of jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie.  Let you child pick out one outfit that is “all them” so they can dress to impress in a way only they can.

Load up on Great Lunchtime Foods

The way to a growing kid’s heart is through food. Get your kids excited about the new school year by stocking up on fun snacks and foods that will help them look forward to the days ahead.

Throw a Pre-First Day Party

Once the class list is posted, throw a class party before the first day of school so kids and parents have a chance to meet and get to know one another.

Choose a fun, neutral location like a park or fast food restaurant where kids can be noisy and parents can talk. Consider giving the kids a unifying gift like personalized class pencils to promote class spirit. This eliminates the problem of walking in to a room and not knowing anyone and encourages community spirit at the same time!

Create Wearable Back-to-school Art

Kids love crafts so why not combine going back to school with crafts they can wear and enjoy all year? There are a ton of wearable art ideas, from t-shirt painting and transfers to leather crafts, which kids can create and enjoy all year long.

Get Personalized Gear

Every child needs a durable, high-quality bag to carry all of their school supplies. Rather than getting your child a run-of-the-mill bag or backpack, why not get a personalized backpack to help get them excited about school? Personalized bags come in a huge selection of patterns for boys and girls making it easy to find one that reflects their style and interest.

Not only are they fun, personalized backpacks make it easy for kids to identify their bag from among the many and avoid backpack mix-up.

When you incorporate the right amount of fun activities and exciting school gear, getting kids excited about going back to school is easier than ever before.

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