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Don't let your Little Student run off to class without

Don’t Let Your Little Student Leave the House Without…

There’s school clothes to buy, carpool schedules to arrange and backpacks to stuff. What? You have no idea what back-to-school supplies your little one needs this year? We do! Here’s six things to tuck inside your elementary school child’s bag.


Tuck an ID card in a zippered compartment of his backpack. Whether you make it yourself, or get one from your local fire station or police department, it should include your child’s full name, photo and a contact phone number for a parent.

Writing Tools:

From crayons and markers, to pencils and pens, you child needs plenty of things to use when drawing and writing. Make his supplies stand out from the rest by ordering colorful pencils custom printed with his name.


Even at a young age, children need notebooks to practice their writing homework. Some teachers also require them to send home simple notes to parents on daily progress.


It might seem whimsical, but personalized stickers featuring your child’s name makes folders and notebooks easily identifiable for children who share tables and desks at school. Plus stickers are cool!

Art Supplies:

Some students are required to bring their own creative tools such as watercolors, glue and child-safety scissors to use in the classroom. Check with your child’s teacher before classes start to see what you little one needs.


Finally, the most important back-to-school items is a cool new backpack. After all, how is your little one going to haul everything to school without one? Plus, novelty backpacks and lunch bags are what gets kids excited about when heading out the door for classes once again.

Do you still have back-to-school shopping to do? Tell us in the comments below what you still need for your child.

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