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Easter decorations for brunch

Decorations for an Unforgettable Easter Brunch

Easter is fast approaching, and this year you have been designated as the host of the holiday brunch. You know you want your house to have a warm and inviting atmosphere, but you also want to decorate for the Easter holiday. These Easter brunch decorations will ensure that your house looks like it has burst into spring, and everyone will enjoy the extra details that you put into planning the event.

Ideas for Easter Brunch Decorations

  • Include a tulip table runner on the dining table. This elegant springtime decoration helps to set the tone for the event. It proves that Easter is a special occasion and should be treated as such.
  • Purchase a personalized Easter bunny to set at the seat for each child who will be in attendance. These fuzzy bunnies will help the children feel welcome at the table and get them excited about the Easter meal.
  • Use Easter egg stands to display the eggs that you colored in advance of the event. This is an elegant and timeless way to show off the dozens of eggs that you dyed this year.
  • Buy an Easter wreath to hang on the front door. It gets people in the mood for the event from the moment they walk in the door.
  • Set the mood with pastel candles, hurricane lamps and creative Easter egg scatters for the jars. These unique decorations make perfect centerpieces at the table.

Easter arrives along with the warm weather, bright sunshine and budding tulips. It’s a time not only to celebrate this wondrous holiday, but also to reconnect with family and friends. Your home should be filled with pastel colors, Easter eggs and creative bunny decorations — especially if you are hosting the Easter brunch. Leave no stone unturned, and your guests will be amazed at how festive your home is when they arrive for their meal on Easter Sunday. For more Easter brunch decorations, check out Lillian Vernon today.

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