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Best Pinterest Boards for… Wedding Gift Inspiration

As trees and gardens fill with bloom, wedding bells can’t be too far away! For fresh inspiration on buying a gift that will be charming, useful and unique, here are five great Pinterest boards to follow:

Jen Goemans

In her pinboard entitled, “oh happy day! a wedding gift guide,” Jen Goemans adds personal notes to almost all her pins. Instead of just a link or a label, she takes the time to tell you a little bit about why she likes each item. Browsing her pinboard makes you feel as if you’re shopping with a friend!

Rachel Schallom

Celebrate the bride’s new name with a monogram gift chosen from Rachel Schallom’s quirky Wedding Gifts pinboard. Her pins will expand your list of what you imagined could be monogrammed, to include a baking dish, a teapot, and even a succulent planter in the shape of an alphabet letter!

Von Maur’s Wedding Gifts Board

Had enough white ruffles and super-sweetness? Von Maur’s Wedding Gifts board will cleanse your palate. A striking collection of gifts for the new home, this pinboard has plenty of items that will appeal to the taste of the (often overlooked) newlywed man. Metal picture frames, whisky glasses and a special movie night snack bowl for the happy couple to share on a cozy evening together.

Katye Albert

If you’ve got a yen to create a unique DIY gift that both the bride and groom will enjoy, take a look at Katye Albert’s board of Recycled, Upcycled and Repurposed Furniture. Get out your hammer and saw, accumulate some pallets, and go to it! The newlyweds won’t have any duplicates of your gift — and who wouldn’t love a bathtub made from a repurposed wine tub?

Fav Tech Tools

For today’s on-the-go couples, the best wedding gifts might no longer center around entertaining and kitchenware. To elicit the brightest smiles and the most heart-felt thank-yous, choose from the sleek tech gifts pictured in clear graphic display on Tara Phelps’ Fav Tech Tools board.

For many more useful and delightful wedding gift ideas follow Lillian Vernon’s Pinterest Board.

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