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Best Pinterest Boards for.. Healthy Snacks

As lazy summer days begin to shorten, it’s time to build up a brand-new list of healthy, appealing snacks to keep those energy levels high enough to get the homework done. Here are five of the best pinterest boards we’ve found for creative after-school snacks:

Laurel Thomas

Watermelon “legos” and applesauce popsicles are a few of the clever kid-pleasers offered by Laurel Thomas on her Healthy Snacks pinboard. She also includes goodies for more sophisticated palates, including Cauliflower Poppers and Roasted Mexican Chickpeas.

Ashley Kilgore

For some kids, snacking is all about bananas and peanut butter. If you’re run out of variations on these two staple foods, check out Ashley Kilgore’s Healthy Snacks & Kid Food board. She has curated some charming concepts, including using toy dinosaurs to make footprints in your cookies before you bake them.

Beth Duke

Indian summer afternoons can linger into the first few weeks of the school year, so it’s great to have a few icy treats for your hungry after-school crew when they crowd into your kitchen. Beth Duke has assembled a yummy set of nutritious offerings that you can pull out of the freezer at a moment’s notice. Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt Ice Pops, anyone?

Raia Torn

It was the stunningly realistic gummy worms that won our hearts on Raia Torn’s Gluten Free Snacks board. Even if you don’t keep a gluten-free kitchen, you’ll find plenty of scrumptious child-friendly options on this board, including a number of easy variations on homemade gluten-free crackers.

Alissa Spiehs-Apel

Have a picky eater? Food becomes art in the delightful creations pinned by Alissa Spiehs-Apel on her child-friendly Edible Art board. No child could resist toothy monster sandwiches or a banana-blueberry sailboat snack. Let your artistic self come out and give your kids the reputation for having the coolest mom on the block!

For all your family’s back to school needs, follow Lillian Vernon’s Pinterest board and see what we’re cooking up for Fall!

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