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Best Pinterest Boards to Follow… for Backyard Inspiration

Even if you live in a region where early spring means you’re still scraping ice off your windshield, you’re probably beginning to daydream about getting back out into your backyard. Of course gardening is a big part of springtime dreaming, but it’s also exciting to imagine giving your backyard a small decorating lift or a full-scale makeover. Here are five great Pinterest boards to follow for backyard inspiration:

Tracy Foreman’s Backyard Ideas

If you’re itching to get your hands around something heftier than a seed packet, Tracy Foreman’s Backyard Ideas pinboard features mosaic stepping stones, colorful sandboxes, and creative shapes for lighting. She offers a wide range of imaginative possibilities, from simple directions for molding a stepping stone in a cake pan all the way through fancy pergolas and lovely outdoor rooms.

Backyard Ideas for Kids

If part of the reason you have a backyard is to give your kids a place to play, you shouldn’t miss Backyard Ideas for Kids. The array of outrageously clever, charming, and downright original ideas shown on this pinboard will make you laugh out loud. The recycled trampoline teepee, skateboard swing and yard dominos are great ways to jumpstart your parental creativity.

Bridgett Howard’s

Bridgett Howard’s Backyard Ideas focuses on pathways and paving, together with dryland xeriscaping ideas. The images she posts of succulents, river rocks and rainwater collectors remind us that even in droughts it’s possible to create an inviting outdoor aesthetic.

Backyard Water Gardens.

Moving in the other direction, if your idea of backyard beauty involves having plenty of fresh water to look at, you’ll definitely find inspiration in Backyard Water Gardens. These luscious images show numerous ways to incorporate ponds into every style of pathway, garden or patio. And who can resist plump colorful koi?

Rebekah Jinks’

If you like to mix a touch of fantasy into your backyard planning, take a look at Rebekah Jinks’ Beautiful Backyard pinboard. She mingles modest DIY ideas with magical archways, treehouses and dreamlike visions. Her “bed of roses” is exactly that: a bed, covered in deep pink roses, and she offers images of mysterious paths that look like they lead to fairyland.

For many more lovely seasonal backyard ideas, follow Lillian Vernon on Pinterest.

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