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Best Pinterest Boards for Back to School Inspiration

Best Pinterest Boards for.. Back to School Inspiration

Summer always seems too short, but camp fires and fireflies mean back-to-school time is just around the corner!

Remember how it felt to line up all those fresh new pencils and shiny notebooks? Before you start making your “to do” lists, sit down and enjoy five of the best Pinterest boards for school-year inspiration:

Back to School Board

Check out this Back to School board for uplifting hints and organizational ideas for students from preschool to college age. Honestly helpful pins include friendly advice on carpool safety, head lice and allergies, as well as tips on how stressed-out moms can best preserve their sanity.

The nitty-gritty posts are balanced out with adorable cupcake pix and plenty of super-creative DIY teacher gifts.

Back to School Outfits Board

Parents of teens know that the right wardrobe can make all the difference in overall attitude toward school.

Before you brave those crowds at your neighborhood mall, or hand your credit card over to your high schooler, sit down together and take a look at the sleek, confidence-inspiring outfits on Yagmur Teke’s Back to School Outfits board.

Family and Consumer Science

For something completely different, browse the randomly fascinating resources pinned by this high school teacher of Family and Consumer Science classes.

You’ll find links to an unexpected array of tools and toys: from Jello worms and kids’ carnival games to a customizable online dream home, money management tips and kitchen conversion charts. Let this teacher bring school-day fun into your home routines!

Lunch Box Love

The return of the school year means packing lunches every morning, and if you’re sending little ones off all day you will definitely want to send some Lunch Box Love along with them.

This pinboard offers healthy, appetizing new combinations for hot and cold school lunches, along with inspirational notes to tuck in with an extra napkin or two.

Apple frogs, tattooed bananas and plenty of gluten-free recipes make this a cute and useful page for every parent.

Lunch Box Inspiration

Finally, if your idea of lunch box love is to bake something special for your sweetie, check out Ang Paris’s Lunch Box Inspiration board. She has pinned a veritable crunch-fest of delicious and healthful whole-grain recipes for fruit breads and granola bars, miniature meat tarts and home-made gummy candy. Warm your family’s hearts as the fall weather cools off!

For new Fall ideas and plenty of clever tips for year-round family fun, follow Lillian Vernon’s Pinterest Board.

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