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7 Occasions to Use Personalized Stationery

Skip email. Don’t text. Some situations call for a handwritten note. So, do it with style on personalized stationery.

Acknowledging a Gift

Whether you received a present in the mail or in-person at a party, take a few minutes to write a brief note of thanks. If the gift was from a bridal shower, engagement party, baby shower, retirement party or birthday celebration, coordinate personalized stationery with the colors or theme of the party.

Responding to Sympathy Gifts

From flowers and cards, to casseroles and candy, friends and family like to show their condolences during times of grief. Writing a quick thank you note lets the person know you received their thoughtful gestures and becomes an opportunity to express your feelings during a difficult time.

Thanking Someone for Helping

Did a neighbor or friend go out of their way for you? From mowing your lawn while you were sick to lending an extra hand when painting your home, these acts of kindness deserve a thoughtful thank you in writing. Keep it short, simple and grateful.

Paying Back a Debt

If you owe someone money, don’t just hand them a check. Tuck the money away in a heartfelt note of appreciation. Explain how their assistance eased a situation and express your gratitude for their financial help.

Giving a Homemade Gift

Feeling crafty? When bestowing a hand sewn quilt or custom made birdhouse, include a short note on personalized stationery. Share a unique story or memory behind the homemade gift. Many will tuck the note away as a keepsake.

Creating a Love Note

There’s something heartwarming about a handwritten note from that special someone. In addition to using a custom note card, add a spray of perfume and seal the note with a lipstick smooch to really make the recipient smile.

Writing to a Teacher

Educators often go above and beyond to make sure your children are safe and happy during the school year. Next time your child’s teacher sends your little one home with a progress report or craft project, send a short personalized note back to school with your child. Teachers love to know their efforts are appreciated.

Sure logging onto your social media or email account to send a quick digital thank you is easy. But it means so much more to receive a handwritten note on personalized stationery.

Who will you write to this week?

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