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7 Fun Things to Do on a Snow Day

7 Fun Things to Do on a Snow Day

The weather outside is frightful and the kids are home for the day. Keep cabin fever from settling in by suggesting some fun things to do on a snow day. Try a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, so that kids can enjoy some time in the snow, then come in to warm up.

Build and Dress Up Snowmen

Take snowman building to the next level by having a costume contest for the snowmen your kids make. Give them an assortment of old clothing, such as skirts, vests and button-up shirts, to choose from. Take pictures of each child next to his or her creation.

Snowball Contest

More fun and safer than a snowball fight, have a snowball contest to see how far each kid can toss one. Add food coloring to each snowball to distinguish whose is whose.

Make Hot Chocolate

Let the kids warm up for a bit with homemade hot chocolate. Set out add-ins, such as marshmallows, peppermint sticks and caramel pieces, so that they can customize their beverages.

Have a Fashion Show

Once back inside and warmed up, have the kids make creative outfits from your clothing or their own, then hold a fashion show. They can use a duct-tape fashion kit to create colorful accessories such as purses and belts to pair with the outfits.

DIY Snow Globes

Use glitter, empty glass jars with lids and plastic figurines to make snow globes. Glue a figurine to the inside of the lid and let dry. Fill the jar with distilled water and add a pinch or two of glitter. Put the lid on the jar and tighten, then gently shake the snow globe.

Snowball “Fight”

Enjoy a safer snowball fight have by having kids pelt each other with soft, stuffed snowballs instead of the real thing. Limit the fight to the rec room or a wide open area in your home to reduce the chance of something getting knocked over.

Decorate Snow Angels

Have the kids make snow angels with a twist. After they’ve made the angels, they can fill in the impression with bird seed, providing any feathered friends with a tasty treat on a cold day.

Check out Lillian Vernon for more fun activities to keep kids occupied on a snow day.

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