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5 Unique Uses for Kid’s Rolling Luggage

While kid’s rolling backpacks were developed to help relieve the pressure caused by carrying backpacks overloaded with books, there are many additional uses for kid’s rolling luggage that help keep kids moving and organized. Whether your child is carting around books or is running between activities, the right backpack can make all the difference.

If you are looking to get organized or make managing your kids’ lives and schedules easier, a unique rolling backpack may be the answer.  With all of the fun colors and options, Kid’s rolling luggage is not just for school anymore.  Here are our top 5 creative uses beyond the classroom for rolling luggage.


Family travel involves a lot of logistics, so why not relieve some of the pressure? A great piece of highly identifiable wheeled luggage can save a ton of time.  Sturdy wheeled luggage is easy enough to handle that even a child can manage then in airports or other crowded areas.

Keeping Crafts

Crafts are fun, but craft supplies can become unmanageable without the right storage. Rolling luggage comes ready with lots of zippered compartments so even the smallest item can be put away and found later. Easy to keep supplies organized, and simple to store or take on the run, a rolling backpack is the perfect option for kids craft supplies.

Excursion Pack

Save time getting ready for any last minute outing by keeping an excursion bag ready. Fill the bag with essentials like drinks, snacks, activities, a change of clothes and a light weight jacket and you have the perfect excursion bag! Even better, the wheels and handle make it easy to manage no matter where life takes you.

Dance Class and Competitions

Dance classes and competitions come with a lot of preparation, including all of the outfits, accessories and makeup necessary. Carting all of the gear around and making sure it gets to its intended destination can be a logistics nightmare. One of the best options for getting all of the dance gear organized and ready to go is a sturdy set of rolling luggage.


Whether your child is headed over to a friend’s house for the night or over to the grandparents’ house for the week, rolling luggage is a great option. Not only can your child stay organized, a great piece of rolling luggage is a real help for anyone trying to help maneuver the gear in and out of a vehicle.

The best thing about kids rolling luggage is that it comes in so many styles and options. Not only can you stay organized, you can match the luggage to your child’s interests, activity, and style!

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