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5 Things Your Fashion-Forward Kid Needs for School this Year

Being the coolest kid in class goes beyond having trendy sneakers or a T-shirt sporting the school’s mascot. Make sure your little one is stylin’ with fashionable accessories to make schooldays extra exciting. Add these supplies to your shopping list!

1. Kid Friendly Thumb Drives

With schools using laptops in lieu of textbooks, your kid needs easy ways to save school work. A novelty USB flash drive that can clip onto a belt loop or backpack zipper pull makes it easy to transport electronic documents to and from school.

2. Customized Lunch Bags

Having a one-of-a-kind lunch bag is hot this year. Make your kid stand out from the rest by browsing our personalized kids bag collections. From lunch bags that match backpacks to trendy zebra-print options, pick a style your little one will love to show off.

3. Colorful Backpacks

Most kids don’t care about their first day of school outfit until they realize it comes complete with a new school bag. Put a spring in your child’s step with a new personalized duffel bag, backpack, tote bag, messenger bag or rolling luggage-style bag. Have the school year or child’s nickname added to the accessory.

4. Unique Pencil Cases

Is your little one starting to change classrooms for math, reading and art classes? Send him back to school with a soft pencil case to make carrying writing tools, scissors and crayons easy when moving around the school. To make sure nobody picks up his case by accident, have it embroidered with his name!

5. Cute Wrist Watches

Finally, help your child learn how to tell time with his very own watch. The bright Cookie Monster and Elmo watches make learning about clocks exciting with the familiar Sesame Street characters.


Are you ready for the first day of school? Tell us what you still need to shop for in the comments below.

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