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5 Personalized Gifts for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day!

Mothers are the unsung heroes of every family. They nurture. They support. They volunteer and organize. They even go out into the work-a-day world and bring home the bacon. Where would we be without them? But, often, their efforts go unrecognized. Until Mother’s Day, of course. Once a year we are all given the opportunity to tell our mothers just how dear they are to us. And what better way to say, “I love you!” than a truly personalized gift. Here are five personalized gifts for Mother’s Day that you can make for your mother to show her just how much you truly care.

Gift Ideas

  1. A bulb garden – With Spring upon us, you can bring the beauty of summer flowers right to Mom’s table. Simply start with a decorative pot with good drainage. Then add some potting soil and some tulip bulbs — or dainty lily-of-the-valley — and you have a long-blooming bouquet your mother will enjoy for weeks.
  2. Personalized Wine Glasses– Engrave these wine glasses with each child’s or grandchild’s name so your mom can drink her with good company.
  3. Honor her first love – Have a very personalized Where We First Met Puzzle made for her. This unique gift is a personalized puzzle cut from a map of the town where Mom and Dad first met. The center piece is cut like a heart to emphasize the love they share.
  4. Make a memory book – Fill a small photo album with pictures of the family, both old and new. Add a few notes next to each picture telling your mom why each of those memories is so precious to you.
  5. Wear your heart on your sleeve – Or, in this case, on a cutting board. This Heart in the Sand Cutting Board can be personalized with your loving message. Your mother will remember just how much you love her every time she works in her kitchen!

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