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Healthy Desserts- Raspberries and Chocolate Chips

5 Desserts for Kid’s Lunches that are Surprisingly Healthy

You’ve mastered the tastiest peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches. Your kids love the juice box flavors you tuck in their lunch bags. Now become Super Mom by packing healthy desserts for kids’ lunches that no teacher will raise an eyebrow at this school year.

Fresh Fruit Kebabs

Grade school children eagerly reach for colorful finger foods. So give them what they want by threading juicy seedless grapes and strawberries on crispy pretzel sticks. This sweet-and-salty dessert is packed with vitamins and fresh flavor.

Dessert Yogurt Cups

Next time you linger in the dairy section, check out the decadent new flavors in yogurt including Boston Cream pie and chocolate-covered banana. Pick out a Greek yogurt option with one of these common dessert flavors and your child will smile while adding extra protein to his diet.

No Bake Cookies

Got a picky child? Give him cookies for dessert. But instead of reaching for preservative and dye-filled prepackaged treats, make them yourself. Try a no-bake cookie recipe made with fiber-packed oatmeal, ground nuts, dried fruits, nut butter, milled flax seed and honey.

Chocolate-dipped Treat

Does your middle-schooler crave chocolate? Offering dark chocolate in moderation gives the child’s immune system a boost of healthy antioxidants. Try dipping a few mineral-rich nuts like almonds or cashews in dark chocolate.

Raspberry-chocolate Drops

If you’re encouraging your little one to eat more fruit, whip up this simple dessert. Tuck one chocolate chip deep inside a fresh raspberry. Make four of five of these healthy bite-size desserts for his lunch bag.

Does your child have a favorite go-to dessert? Share it in the comments below to inspire other moms as they pack back-to-school lunches too.

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