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Creative Valentine's Dinner Decoration Ideas

5 Creative Valentine’s Dinner Decoration Ideas

Make your Valentine’s Day the best one ever when you celebrate in style at home. Five Valentines dinner decoration ideas set the stage for a very romantic evening of love.


Valentine’s Day celebrates the love you and your beloved share, so personalize your table. Arrange his favorite candy on his plate. Frame a list of all the reasons you love your Valentine and use it the centerpiece. Write your favorite couple memories on cutout hearts taped to the wall. These personal decorations remind your special partner of the love you share.

Super Fancy

Set the table with fine china and delight your senses during a super fancy Valentine meal. On your best tablecloth, arrange a beautiful candle centerpiece, a fresh bouquet of flowers and delicate rose petals as you dine in fancy style.


Transport your partner to an exotic location with creative decor. Hang drapes on the wall, arrange cushions on the floor and enjoy feeding your honey as you celebrate in ancient Greece. Cut out stars and planets that decorate the walls and table as you dine in outer space. Take trip to the beach with sand candles and glass scatters. With your imagination, wow your Valentine in an exotic location at home.


If your partner prefers a low-key celebration, use every day plates, silverware and glasses, but add casual Valentine references with red napkins, a bowl of conversation hearts and red foods. These small touches celebration the holiday while keeping it casual.

Low Budget

Set a romantic table on a budget by making your own decorations or using ones you already own. String a strand of white Christmas lights for ambient lighting, draw hearts on paper placemats and make tissue paper flowers. Without spending a fortune, you create a romantic setting for your Valentine.

No matter what type of decor you and your partner prefer, use one of five creative decoration ideas and utilize items from Lillian Vernon. Then, set a romantic table and celebrate love this Valentine’s Day.

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