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pinterest boards to follow for valentines day inspiration

5 Best Pinterest boards to Follow… for Valentines Day Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for the senses! From the fragrant softness of red rose petals to the cupcake-and-cherub sweetness that makes you smile, there are a thousand ways to let this celebration brighten your late winter. Here are five exceptional Valentine Pinterest boards to follow, filled with DIY innovation and heart-warming nostalgia:


Of course this holiday brings luscious foods to mind, and Valentine’s Day will treat your eyes to a virtual feast. The creations pictured here are so imaginative that you’ll find yourself fascinated — and you may not be able to resist taking some notes! The pink crystalline sparkle of rock candy atop a cupcake or the step-by-step transformation of fresh strawberries into hearts will give you a whole new toolkit of Valentine hostess tricks.

Marie Bass-Keller

If you’re in the mood for a frothy blend of lace trimmings and shabby-chic holiday decor, browse the images on this Valentine’s Day pinboard. Vintage lover D. Marie Bass-Keller has curated a collection of cheering, lighthearted decorating ideas. Wreaths and ribbons, apples and funny frogs convey a sweet uplifting feel.

Rosegarden Romantic

What would Valentine’s Day be without a few kewpie dolls and winged cherubs? This elaborate collection from Rosegarden Romantic offers a pink snowstorm of feathers, rosettes and kitty-cats.

Margaret Dillinger

For something entirely different, wander through the photographic display presented on all heart. This exploration provides fresh and unexpected riffs on the theme of hearts, as it takes you from natural rock formations to Steampunk and Art Nouveau.

Robin Stanton Helm

Heart-shaped flash drives, anyone? Robin Stanton Helm’s valentine’s day pinboard delivers a fun-filled blend of gift ideas, along with imaginative DIY treats and some adorable cats who wear their hearts on their fur. Her pins provide a refreshing overview of Valentine concepts, from diamond and crystal closeups to dreamy interior design.

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