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Pinterest boards to Follow... for Spring Cleaning

5 Best Pinterest boards to Follow… for Spring Cleaning

Even if it’s still chilly outside, the days are getting longer and the time for spring cleaning is just around the corner. It’s energizing to picture how fresh your home will look after you’ve whisked away all the clutter that accumulated over the winter and Pinterest has some inspiring boards to get you in the mood to begin. Here are five Pinterest boards to follow that we especially like:

Penny Lane’s Spring Cleaning board offers some clever ideas for organizing closets and shelves. Her assortment of cabinets with softly painted interiors provides an appealing option for bringing springtime into the spaces you’ve cleaned.

Learn dozens of innovative tips and tricks on Tiffany Key’s Spring Cleaning board. She offers all the “how-tos” you’ll need for deep cleaning in every corner, including techniques for removing marker-pen ink and freshening a microfiber couch.

Brittany Ramsey focuses on fragrance in her Spring Cleaning board. She has a recurring theme of lemons and oranges, showing many ways to use them to make natural cleaning solutions and an assortment of stove-top potpourris. Imagine your home filled with the fresh scent of lemons and rosemary!

For an invigorating hit of color, browse the delicious palettes offered in Spring Cleaning and Easy Home Upgrades. You may catch the sheer energy of springtime and feel inspired to do some new decorating after you’ve made everything clean and shiny.

Annie Katherine has assembled de-cluttering images for her Spring Cleaning board that manage to be a visual delight as well as a great source of handy ideas. Browsing down through her pins, you’ll enjoy the clean palette and fresh simplicity.

Now that you’re ready to jump into the satisfying process of spring renewal, have a look at Lillian Vernon’s Pinterest board, and follow it to stay up to date with new pins. Bring the season’s delicate freshness indoors in a thousand creative ways!

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