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20 Ways to Say "I Love You" in Different Languages

20 Ways to Say “I Love You” in Different Languages

“I love you” is one of the most powerful, expressive phrases in existence. Although the phrase is short, it conveys deep meaning to the person who hears it. Impress the people you love by learning these 20 ways to say I love you / in different languages.

1. Spanish (Spoken in Spain, Mexico and South America)

“Te quiero” or “te amo.”

2. Irish (Spoken in Ireland)

“Tá grá agam duit.”

3. German (Spoken in Germany and Austria)

“Ich liebe dich.”

4. French (Spoken in France, Belgium and Haiti)

Je t’aime” or “Je t’adore.”

5. Finnish (Spoken in Finland)

“Mina rakastan sinua.”

6. Gaelic (Spoken in Scotland)

“Ta gra agam ort.”

7. Korean (Spoken in South Korea and North Korea)

“Nanun tangshinul sarang hamnida.”

8. Norwegian (Spoken in Norway)

“Jeg Elsker Deg.”

9. Yiddish (Spoken by Ashkenazi Jews in Poland, Romania, Sweden and Bosnia)

“Ikh hob dikh.”

10. Hebrew (Spoken in Israel)

“Ani ohev otah” when said to a female and “ani ohev et otha” when said to a male.

11. Armenian (Spoken in the Republic of Armenia)

“Yes kez sirumen.”

12. Greek (Spoken in Greece and Cyprus)


13. Hindi (Spoken in India and Pakistan)

“Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hai.”

14. Vietnamese (Spoken in Vietnam)

“Anh ye^u em” when said to a female and “em ye^u anh” when said to a male.

15. Moroccan (Spoken in Morocco)

“Ana moajaba bik.”

16. Dutch (Spoken in Aruba and Belgium)

“Ik hou van jou.”

17. Thai/Siamese (Spoken in Thailand)

“Chan rak khun” when said to a male and “phom rak khun” when said to a female.

18. Creole (Spoken in the Caribbean and parts of Western Africa)

“Mi aime jou.”

19. Filipino (Spoken in the Phillipines)

“Mahal kita.”

20. Hawaiian (Spoken in Hawaii)

“Aloha wau ia oi.”

Say I love you throughout the year in new ways. Looking to show your love to someone? Show your love spelled out!

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