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10 Fun Treats to Put in your Kid’s Personalized Easter Basket

Easter isn’t just one of the most important days on the Christian calendar. It’s also the holiday that lends itself best to creativity. With so many treats to put in Easter baskets, the possibilities are endless. If you use your imagination, you’ll create a memorable Easter for your loved ones, and you might even save a few bucks in the process.

Easter Treat Ideas:

Easter Stickers

Let them decorate their eggs and notebooks with Easter themed stickers.

Colored Pencils and Markers 

Get pastel colors to fit into the Easter day celebrations.


If you have a daughter, grab some simple bracelets, earrings or charms. Then she’ll always be reminded of the Easter she received them.

Their Favorite Snacks

Easter is typically known for it’s chocolate bunnies and eggs, but throw in a juice box and their favorite chips for a unique treat.

Ball Cap

If you plan of having the Easter egg hunt outdoor, it may be sunny. Give your son his favorite baseball team’s ball cap to wear on Easter Sunday. Just don’t forget to take it off before church!

Empty Easter Eggs

The only thing more fun than creating an Easter egg hunt for your little one is flipping the script and putting your kid in charge. Include some empty Easter eggs in his or her basket and let your child go to town hiding them all over the house.


Tap into your child’s creativity by including a small paint set in his or her Easter basket. Let them use these paints on a plain egg and watch them create a masterpiece! It’s an inexpensive way to give your kid something to do on Easter morning, and it’ll give you a memento from Easter that you can keep forever.

Easter Finger Puppet Set

The Easter finger puppet set available at Lillian Vernon is a great gift idea for kids of all ages. These cute puppets are not only a cute and cuddly present, but they’ll enable your child to use his or her imagination. Watch with joy as your little one creates their own Easter stories and acts them out at the annual Easter gathering.

Personalized Easter Puzzle

What’s a better gift for your child than a personalized gift direct from the Easter Bunny? A personalized Easter puzzle is the perfect solution for those who want to give more than just candy in their child’s Easter basket. Your child’s name is written on the puzzle, providing a unique experience that is sure to touch his or her heart, not to mention your own.

Easter Ornaments

Who says ornaments are only for Christmas? The Easter egg ornaments sold exclusively by Lillian Vernon give you the opportunity to spread a different sort of holiday cheer. Give your little one the chance to decorate for Easter in his or her own way by giving them these unique holiday treats. Go to today to place your order!

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