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10 Essentials for an Amazing Backyard Dinner Party

10 Essentials for an Amazing Backyard Dinner Party

Summertime’s here, and plenty of warm weather fun lies ahead. With backyard dinner parties on the horizon, read on to learn the essentials for planning an unforgettable bash.

1. Light It Up

Nothing says party quite like that red Solo cup. Honor the tradition of parties past with this festive Red Party Cup Lights String. Other lighting to help you keep your dinner party going long after the sun goes down? The motion-activated LED Light Angel™ and the elegant Hanging Tea Lights Lantern & LED Tea Lights.

2. The Hostess with the Mostess

Make sure you have fun too! Set your guests up for a comfortable time by having some summertime essentials on hand: fill a basket with everything from sunscreen to bug spray, but if something goes wrong, roll with it. A stressed hostess can spoil the cool mood.

3. Bottom’s Up

Create a Make-Your-Own Cocktail Bar by laying out popular sprints, mixers and fresh fruit. Try unique mixings like cilantro, ginger or blackberries. Nothing puts a delightful twist on cocktails or other beverages than the Mason Sipper Jars. The perfect finishing touch? Playful striped drinking straws or umbrellas!

4. Water Water Everywhere

And not a drop to drink? In addition to any specialty drinks, make sure your guests have easy access to H2O.

5. Table Touches

Set a unique tone for your backyard dinner party with distinctive touches, like the oh-so-clever Reversible Chalkboard Table Runner, which features a super-long chalkboard for everything from kids’ doodles to to labeled potluck contributions. When words fail, just flip it over.

6. Honor Thy Chef

Speaking of the chef, honor your favorite King of the Grill with the BBQ Apron and Utensil Set, which includes everything he needs to serve up a delicious meal without breaking a sweat.

7. Summertime Gladness

Whether you’re planning on dancing in the moonlight or on just catching up with old friends, Instantly set the mood with a smartphone-compatible outdoor sound system. Look for a wireless model with detachable speakers and a remote control for for simple song switching.

8. Meal Magic

Some of our favorite summer backyard party recipes:

9. Dessert Finale 

Even the most sophisticated soiree needs to get in touch with its inner child. When things start to die down, its time for dessert. Whether you decide on s’mores, campfire cones or popsicles, this fun event will keep the good times going and satisfy any cravings that have emerged since dinner.

10. A Back Up Plan

April showers may lead to spring flowers, but summertime storms lead to many a ruined party. Don’t risk letting an unexpected downpour ruin your event. Instead, set a rain date or make alternate arrangements to convene at a nearby enclosed space — like the local bowling alley or favorite pizza parlor.

Today’s party is tomorrow’s lifelong memory! Stock up now and get ready to celebrate the season with these tips for an amazing backyard dinner party.

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