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Your Garden’s Finally in Bloom! Make it Sing with Unique Garden Decor

Garden-tool-standYour Sanctuary

Your garden may be your safe haven, a place you can go and leave your troubles behind. One of the best ways to create this relaxing environment is to embellish it with uniquely designed decor and landscapes that you love. A small pond with color-changing lotus lights can add the perfect touch to your tranquil garden.

A Place to Create Memories

If you are a grandparent, your garden may be the place where you and your grandchild create memories planting and enjoying nature together. In a case such as this, you may want to create a whimsical garden with gnomes, windsocks and spinners.

Attract Wildlife

Butterfly lovers all over the world plant particular kinds of flowers and shrubs to attract them. Any butterfly lover can choose to give her garden a butterfly theme. There is unique garden decor at Lillian Vernon. You can find butterfly themed plaques, light-up stakes and stepping stones there.


Maybe you want to create an elegantly romantic garden with statues, faux stone borders and stepping stone pathways.

Your Place to Remember

You can create a garden full of cherubs, angels and customized plaques to celebrate the lives of those whom you have lost. Light-up angel memory markers, pet sympathy statues and pet memorial garden stones help you create a uniquely beautiful garden to honor their memory.

No matter what kind of garden you want to design, Lillian Vernon has the unique garden decor you need to make your garden whatever you want it to be.

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