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unique kids rooms idea and organization

Unique Kids Room Ideas for the Most Special Kid in the World, Yours!

What makes your child tick? Maybe he or she loves ballet, thrives on the tennis court or writes poetry all day. Every child is unique, and yours is no exception. That’s why your home’s kids room will be decorated in a way that celebrates your child in a big way. Fill it to the brim with décor and accessories that reflect the most special kid in the world.

unique kids rooms idea and organization

Start with the walls.

Choose a satin finish, low VOC paint that’s easy to wipe clean. And remember to give your child a say in the color. Then, apply mural stickers, hang shelves and tack posters to the walls. Every aspect of the wall design reflects your child’s current interests and makes him or her smile.

Now, take a look at the furniture.

Repaint it to match the walls and replace any outgrown pieces like toy chests or toddler tables.

The bed linens are the next item on your list.

Use plain colored sheets and a bright pillowcase or a personalized sleeping bag that doubles as a comforter. Your special kid will gladly go to bed on time when he or she can climb between these bed linens.

Opportunity to Organize

If you want to make sure your kid keeps their room clean, provide them with fun organizational bins or bags. That way, you won’t have to get onto them and they’ll get into the habit of picking up after themselves.

Do you still need items to make your child’s room unique?

Consider jewelry boxes, a bookshelf or a trophy shelf. All these products and more reflect your child’s special interests and make his or her room a place to rest and relax.

From wall décor to bed linens, design a room your child will love. Find unique kids room ideas and products at Lillian Vernon. Then, celebrate your special child and everything that makes him or her unique!

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