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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Hard Working Moms

How many hard working moms are on your gift list this holiday? Whether you’re giving something special to your mom, daughter, daughter-in-law or friends, 10 top Christmas gifts for mom help her in practical and pleasurable ways.

Christmas Gifts for Hard Working Moms:

1. Babysitting Coupons: Babysit her kids or pets, and give mom a well-deserved night out alone or with her husband or best friend.

2. Photo Wall Clock: Keeping track of her busy schedule is pleasurable when mom gets to see her precious family every time she glances at the clock.

3. Tea Time Gift Basket: On the go all day, moms appreciate a selection of caffeinated, decaf and herbal teas, flavored sugar cubes and a pretty mug.

4. Charging Station: To manage all the essential devices that keep her in touch with family, friends and work, a busy mom appreciates a one-stop charging station for all her electronics.

5. Dream Dinners: Help mom serve convenient, home cooked meals with a subscription to Dream Dinners or make a few homemade meals she can easily freeze.

6. Clip-on Purse Flashlight: Finding the pacifier that dropped under the car’s back seat or unlocking the house door in the dark require a portable flashlight that easily attaches to mom’s purse or key ring.

7. Pedometer: Moms on the go may not have time for a gym membership, but a pedometer helps them maximize each step and stay in shape.

8. On-Time Painted Stripe Tote: Transporting a laptop or diapers is easier than ever thanks to a large, cute tote.

9. Spa Day Gift Certificates: Hard working moms seldom get to relax and unwind, so they will appreciate a trip to the nearby spa.

10. Pink Toolkit: With a time-saving toolkit, busy moms save time and money as they repair things around the house or office.

Hard working moms need practical and pleasurable holiday gifts. Browse the large gift selection from Lillian Vernon as you shop for the moms in your life this year.

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