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These Beautiful Kitchen Organizers Will Make Cooking Even More Fun

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as preparing a home cooked meal for your friends and family. Whether it’s an Easter feast, a dinner party, Sunday supper or simply a weeknight meal, cooking is one of the best ways to show your loved ones exactly how much you care.

Sometimes, though, cleaning up afterward isn’t so fun – especially when your ingredients have splattered all over the pages of your favorite cookbook. Sometimes those prized cookbooks just get in the way too; after all, counter space in the kitchen is prime real estate.

Luckily, Lillian Vernon offers a solution that’s attractive and practical at the same time: The kitchen organizing cookbook holder! Our Black Scroll Metal Cookbook Holder serves several purposes. First, it holds your cookbook open to just the right page, so you don’t have to use a bookmark or, even worse, dog-ear those precious pages. Second, cookbook holders keep your prized cookbooks up and away from the fray of cooking. That means no more damage from spaghetti sauce splatters, spray from a particularly vigorous veggie cutting session, or even spills.

Cookbook stands keep your recipe collections up and away from the counter, so you can work away without worry. Plus, our holders are sturdy enough to hold large books or magazines open with tipping. It also makes the perfect housewarming, hostess or wedding gift.

With Lillian Vernon, shopping this spring is more fun than ever, thanks to shopping online convenience.

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