Suggestions on How to Spruce up His Man Cave

While women may claim dominion over the fabulous — yet functional — bathroom decor, the highly organized closet and the every-little-thing-in-its place kitchen, there is one room a man can call his own: The man cave. Really, it’s only fair — guys need someplace to hang out, too!

But the truth is that sometimes his “mantuary” can get a bit, well, stale. But what better time to freshen up the man cave than spring? Here’s how to make your home’s manspace just a bit more inviting — but still as fun as he wants it to be!

Sporty Decor

Scientific studies show that approximately 99.5% of guy time spent in the man cave involves sports. Whether they’re watching the big game, talking about the big game, or scarfing down a frosty beverage or two before the big game, guys love sports. Decorate the walls of his man cave with some awesome art featuring his favorite team.

And that other .5%? They’re talking about cars.

The Great Outdoors

Lots of guys like to express their manliness by tramping around in the great outdoors, doing hiking and other manly stuff. Bring the great outdoors into his man cave — and spruce it up a bit too — with some decor that features wild, wonderful nature!

Bright is Best

Choose a bright tone in his favorite color and paint the walls. A fresh coat of paint does wonders to lighten up the space, regardless of how dingy it is.

Keeping it Comfy

The man cave is, above all else, a place where guys can gather to relax. Invest in some comfy, overstuffed furniture so they can kick back and enjoy the game in style. Oh, and you may want to get some slipcovers, too!

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