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Soccer Moms & Softball Dads: Must-Have Items for Sporting Families

Having kids who play sports can feel like a part-time job, especially in a family with several kids who each play at least one sport. It also has its perks, though, as soccer moms and softball dads watch their kids learn new skills,sportsbag develop teamwork, and make friends. Families who participate in a lot of sporting activities can get the most out of their time with the right gear.

Comfortable Seats: Sitting on the sideline or in the bleachers for hours can be a pain, literally, without the right seats. Parents should have lightweight, compact and comfortable seats to take to practices and games. Camping chairs are ideal for the sidelines, and stadium seats can make bleachers more bearable.

Duffel Bags: Kids should be responsible to carry their own gear around, and that’s much easier with a duffel bag for each sport. Kids can stash their shoes, uniforms, balls, protective gear, and other equipment in the right bag, and just grab it each time they head out to a practice or game.

Water Bottles: Staying hydrated is key to health for players and spectators. Rather than buying and tossing disposable bottles all the time, families should invest in a collection of BPA-free reusable water bottles. Instead of storing empty bottles in a cabinet, fill them a quarter of the way with water and store them in the freezer so each bottle has an ice cube ready to go.

Whether you need a gift for a sporting family, or looking for supplies for your own family, our online catalog has tons of high-quality products for you.

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