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how to remove a broken wine cork

How to Remove a Broken Wine Cork

Its wine night and you’ve got a few new bottles to sample from. The only problem is that the bottle of pinot noir you’re most excited about trying won’t open! Yes, the cork is jammed – so jammed that not one, but both wine openers in your kitchen drawer won’t do the trick.

What to do, what to do?

Thankfully, there are a few other options you can try in order to get the cork out and have that glass of wine you’ve been craving. Here’s a look at some ways how to remove a broken wine cork. That is, before you resort to that last-ditch option and exchange it at the store or declare the wine “undrinkable”:

  • Run warm water over the neck of the bottle. Sometimes this can be enough to make the cork a little more flexible, thereby making it easier to be removed. Thirty seconds of dousing the neck of the bottle in hot water should do the trick.
  • Go down: So the cork won’t go up? Try sending it down. Grab a knife or other piece of silverware and try shoving the cork down so it drops into the wine. Then, just use a wine stopper as the cork when you’re done pouring your glass.
  • Cut the cork: This isn’t an ideal method, as chunks of cork may have a tendency to fall into the wine, but use a knife or screwdriver to slice the cork at various points. This weakens the cork, potentially making it easier to remove with a wine opener.
  • Find a screw and use a screwdriver to jam it into the cork so that it’s deep enough to have a firm connection. Then simply tug on the screw. If it won’t loosen using your hands, try the claw side of a hammer.

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