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Personalized Teacher Gifts: THE Way to Start the Year Off

personalized teacher giftsIn the past, bringing an apple for the teacher was all a student needed to start the year off on the right foot. These days, an apple is a cliché. A student can stand out from the rest by bringing in personalized teacher gifts to welcome her back to school.

Practical Gifts

At the start of the school year, most teachers are still getting settled into their classrooms or desks. A thoughtful, practical gift can help a teacher get organized. Personalized note pads or memo pads are great gifts, as they give a teacher something to jot notes to parents on or something to write daily to-do lists on. A desk organizer lets a teacher keep the top of her desk tidy and gives her a place to store all of the supplies she needs for a day of teaching.

Decorative Gifts

Most teachers enjoy decorating their classroom at the beginning of the year. Adding a few personal touches makes a classroom better for teaching and learning in. A personalized clock will let the teacher and students keep track of time during class. A picture frame shaped like a schoolhouse lets a teacher display all of her students for the world to see. A personalized mug lets her enjoy a cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning and adds a touch of whimsy to her desk.

Lillian Vernon has a great selection of personalized teacher gifts. Pick out a gift for your student’s new teacher today.

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