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Personalized Pencils for Kids

All school age children experience that sinking feeling that happens when it’s time to take a test and their pencil is missing or stolen. To help prevent this uncomfortable scenario, send your kids back to school with a supply of personalized pencils.Pink Leopard <br>Pencils

While it may seem like a minor issue, not having a pencil when it’s needed can be a stressor for kids of all ages — from kindergarten to high school. Personalized pencils stand out and leave no doubt as to who they belong to.

It’s unusual to find high quality personalized items in stores today, especially pencils. If you are fortunate enough to find them, they are seldom available for children with rare or uniquely spelled names.

Fortunately, Lillian Vernon offers a fun line of personalized pencils and matching pencil cases for every child. They offer designs that appeal to younger kids such as camoflauge, pirates, sports, butterflies and flowers, and older students will appreciate the animal prints and solid color options.

Colored pencils are often on the school supply list but usually go missing during the school year and need to be replaced. To help solve this problem, a set of eighteen personalized colored pencils is available.

Your child will be proud to return to school with a supply of cool, personalized pencils. For even more personalized options, check out all of Lillian Vernon’s offerings.

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