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Personalized Backpacks: Never Take Home the Wrong School Bag Again

Sports String BackpackWhen parents rush to back-to-school sales, hundreds of identical backpacks fly off the shelves. Unless Similar backpacks can be easily mixed up during assemblies, field trips and outdoor activities. Keychains and ornaments are great ways to help kids identify their bags, but can be detached or stolen. Geez, kids these days have it rough! The solution? Drop the generic department store brands, and browse Lillian Vernon’s selection of personalized backpacks for kids. Let your kids pick out their favorite colors and designs and have their name embroidered so they never get confused again.

Younger kids will love our playful designs, including Grey Shark 3-D, Dino, Dragonfly and Cat Cuddle. Kids heading into the double digits will enjoy our Blue Camo, Corduroy Butterfly, and Dr. Kong designs. String backpacks are handy for gym clothes and sneakers, and help kids (and parents) manage all those extracurricular activities.

Books too heavy? No problem. Browse our stylish selection of rolling backpacks and help take the strain out of school. They’re also handy for family vacations, and are easy to spot at the baggage claim. And who knows? Rolling and strolling to class might just get them to enjoy school a bit more!

When your kids stop running around, catch your breath and let them pick out their favorite from our line of personalized backpacks. After all, they may know their way around computers better than we do! Embroider their name with one click, and you’ll have a happy, organized student.

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