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Packed With Love: Insulated Lunch Bags for Kids

Most parents worry as to whether their kids are getting enough nutrition in their home-packed school lunches. While this is important, according to you also need to keep safety in mind. Many parents do not realize that dangerous bacteria may build up in their children’s lunches before they have the opportunity to eat them. The bacteria increase when the food is not kept at a safe temperature. Insulated lunch bags for kids are the perfect solution to this problem.

Keep Refrigerated Foods Cold

Anything that is usually refrigerated needs to remain cold until your children have lunch. Items that should remain cold in your child’s lunch include yogurt, lunchmeat, mayonnaise and cheeses. Put the most perishable foods directly next to the ice packs to ensure they remain the coldest.

Insulated Lunch Bags Effectively Keep Food Safe states that the insulated lunch bags for kids used in conjunction with frozen gel packs is an effective way to keep food temperatures safe until lunchtime.

Two Frozen Cold Packs Recommended

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends that parents use two cold packs in their children’s lunches to ensure that the food remains cold enough to prevent bacteria growth.

A Frozen Juice Box

A frozen juice box works great as one of the cold packs in an insulated lunch bag. Just put the juice boxes in the freezer overnight. Add them to the lunches with another cold pack in the morning and by lunchtime, they will be ready to drink!

There is a large variety of insulated lunch bags for kids available at Lillian Vernon. Designs from hearts to butterflies and dinosaurs to camoflauge ensure any child can find a favorite lunch bag.

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