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Outdoor Toys for Kids Have Come a Long Way Since the Old Refrigerator Box

Remember when you were a kid and your mom kicked you off the television and forced you outside? Your options were pretty limited back then, forcing you to choose between an old refrigerator box and, if you were lucky, the garden hose.

inflatable water park Fortunately for today’s parents and kids, this is no longer the case. And thank goodness, for without the new and exciting backyard toys currently on the market, parents would never be able to get their children off the iPad! The following outdoor toys for kids will have the members of your brood (gasp) voluntarily heading outside to play:

Inflatable Water Park

Your little water rats are constantly begging you for trips to the local water park, but there’s just not enough time and money for daily waterslide sessions. No worries — with a backyard water park, your kids can splash around at home! Also check out our Speed Water Racer.

Creative Sandboxes

Traditional sandboxes may be fun, but the possibilities are endless with a more original design. For example, a pirate sandbox can do double duty, providing a place to build castles plus a setting for imaginative games.

Backyard Zipline

Bring the excitement of the huge playground to your backyard swing set with the addition of a cable zip line. Just attach to two trees or other sturdy supports and watch as your kids fly across the lawn.

If you are sick of listening to your kids whine when you send them outside to play, it’s time to add some more exciting toys. Stop by our site for other excellent ideas!

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