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Not Another Tie: Creative Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

Finding an original Father’s Day gift after many years together can feel like a challenge. What can you give the man in your life that does not feel like a rerun of a gift he received from you in the past? The last thing you want to domancavesign is to buy some boring necktie.

Fortunately, this never needs to be an option. You can employ many creative gift ideas to make him feel special on his special day.

If dad loves hanging out in the den watching TV and cheering on his favorite sports team, make it feel like his space with personalized man cave signs and floor mats for that room.

Summer barbecues are a favored pastime for many husbands and fathers. If dad falls into this group, he will appreciate grilling themed gifts. One such gift is a BBQ apron with pockets to store cooking essentials and a matching utensil set. Another option is a platter for serving meat and matching pitcher for his own special BBQ sauce.

While fun gifts are always nice; a practical gift is also something to be appreciated. If dad travels frequently for work or other reasons, you can give him a 6-in-1 emergency tool. This is perfect to have in any sort of road emergency as it can shatter glass, cut through seatbelts, puncture an airbag, whistle for help, or light up the area with either an LED white light or emergency light.

This year, take the gift road less traveled to make Father’s Day special for the both of you.

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